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Minecraft Building

A few Minecraft ideas

hello and welcome you may be wondering what should you build in a
so here are some ideas
how about... a mansion or a sandstone mansion nothing better
than this one a car best one of all a city feel free to not build these
things you know
these are my ideas build your ideas too! Now enough about Minecraft

lets get on to
real life

Real life

During the Covid19 thing I am very very iritated by the no traveling thing it is because I LOVE traveling but I cant. I was born in 2013 Calgary I was almost born in Canmore until the doctor said 'go to
Calgary they have bigger hospitals'so
did it was a pain for my mom and dad ahh the good old days after that I
finally was born! more back to Minecraft

Minecraft Again

ohh another
idea a rocket or a stone army!
here is an image of Minecraft if you dont know what is Minecraft Click Here to see the feedback page

Reasons why I like Minecraft

How To Get A Minecraft Account

1. Log onto click "Download Minecraft"
2. Complete the signup procces
3. Have fun!

Reasons why I like

I also have a youtube channel

more Reasons

  1. you can build your dreamland
  2. you can build cannons that actually work!

all about me

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Tips For Begginers

Hit F5 to go in F5 mode (pretty self-explanatory)
" btw I love Apple